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Key Advantages

1) Quality Materials All Produced in Korea

Quality Materials All Produced in Korea
         - High Quality Cotton Fabric: lint-free, dust-free, hypoallergenic and high quality cotton thin fibers give super-light feeling and
    comfortable wearability without feeling of irritation.
    - Hypoallergenic Acrylic Polymer Adhesive: own recipe of standard specification of Acrylic Polymer adhesive is perfectly safe
  to the skin.
    - Stable Adhesive Strength: it is the most important part of Kinesiology Tape. Our adhesive strength is very stable and safe
  with no chemical hazardous materials included free from problems such as repulsive odor, itchiness, swelling, rash, skin
  troubles and weak performance products.

2) Beautiful Colors

ares kiesiology tape colors
     Beautiful and trendy colors of Ares Kinesiology Tape everyone loves. We currently have beige, blue, black, orange, yellow,
  pink, green, purple and red.

3) Muscular Look Packaging

ares kinesiology tape pakage
         - All our customers love our package settings of Ares Kinesiology Tape very much. They look very sporty and trendy catching
    everyone's eye.
    - Each roll of Ares Kinesiology Tape comes with easy-to-follow instructions, Mini-Guide with around 10 applications which
  cover most of body parts in frequent need.

4) Hundreds Applicable Instructions available online

ares mobile application
     Hundreds of Applications of Ares Taping to cover most common injuries and body parts are available from our website as
  well as mobile web therefore you can easily reach these from anywhere, which are also regularly updated. QR code on every
  Ares Kinesiology Tape package will also lead you to our home page where you can access to hundreds applications.

5) You can be part of ARES family!

ares kinesiology tape sns
     You can be closely linked with us at all times through our social networking activities such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr,
  Blogger and etc. Latest news and friendly greetings of us ARES are always available easily.









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